Team complete!

Since the start of 2018 the whole team is full time working on the project. Let me introduce;

Tommy Clay (University of Liverpool ,UK)

Tommy is interested in the ecology and conservation of marine predators; in particular, the drivers of variation in movement and foraging strategies and their influence on population dynamics. During this project he will be linking seabird movement data to meteorological and infrasound maps in order to better understand movement decisions at various ecological scales.

Jeff Zeyl (Stellenbosch University, South Africa)

Jeff’s research interests centre on mechanisms of hearing and acoustic communication in vertebrates. Some of his recent work has involved auditory tests on turtles, salamanders, and fishes using the auditory brainstem response. In this project, Jeff will be exploring potential mechanisms of infrasonic hearing in seabirds.

Rocío Joo (University of Florida, USA)

Rocío is a numerical ecologist. Her research is focused on movement ecology; particularly on the development and adaption of statistical methods for the analysis of trajectories of animals and human predators (i.e. fishers). The analysis of different types of tracking data for seabird movement, and the assessment of the role of infrasound in migration through statistical modelling are two exciting challenges of this project that will enrich her research.

Olivier den Ouden (KNMI, the Netherlands)

Olivier will focus on infrasound. Previous he already got experienced with processing infrasound recordings and localisation of infrasound sources. During this project he will exploring infrasound propagation through atmosphere and creating soundscapes.


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